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The lamp shade is like a frame, it is another platform for displaying designers work in a beautiful, yet accessible way around your living space.


Lampara is an idea born from the love of textile and pattern design. We aim to curate an inspiring collection, and we love to support and promote the work of UK based designers. All of our designers receive a good percentage of the sale of each lampshade, so you can be sure that when you choose a Lampara lamp shade, you are not only choosing a design that is unavailable from any other lampshade supplier, but you are also supporting the UK design industry. We are passionate about print and pattern design, and we have selected designer's from a broad range of backgrounds. Some are already producing designs for home wares, some for fashion, others are designing for a variety of products including stationery, and limited edition prints. Our lampshades are also printed and handmade in the UK, and this is all part of our commitment to supporting UK design and manufacture.


  • Looking for a statement piece of lighting that will totally transform your living space?

  • Unable to find interesting and unusual lampshade designs in your average high street store?

  • A contemporary handmade lamp shade that will add style and personality to your room?

  • You want to choose from a selection of successful designers all in the same place?

  • Prefer bespoke lighting with a choice of colour contrast interiors for extra mood and effect?